Copper Boxes These copper boxes can be used for many things. Planters, tissue holders, pen holders, or whatever you desire. Made from heavy weight copper sheet. Carefully formed and soldered, and adorned with beads.
Cat Birdfeeder

This whimsical cat waiter bird feeder is enjoyed by all. A happy customer is shown receiving her feeder. The seed plate is removable for cleaning and adding feed. The birds love it, and so will you!

Flower Pot This little copper flower can be used to hold photos, notes or other paper items. The bumblebee is hand made glass. A handy item around the house, especially in the kitchen or family room for leaving notes for other members of the family.

<= Dancer One is an exuberant addition to your garden.


A moose muching his moose-moss =>

One Sunflower
These dancing Sun Flowers come in three sizes. The lone one is about seven feet tall.
Three Sunflowers

These Whimsical mice will love a place in your garden, on your patio, or somewhere in your house.

You'll need the cat below to keep them under control!


<= You'll need this butterfly catching Cat to go with your Mouse! They will make a perfect pair in your garden.


A Copper Fish you can hang in your window or on your porch =>

Copper Fish - Vertical
Copper Mask

<=A Split-Personality Copper Mask


Another Copper Fish to hang =>

Copper Fish - Horizontal