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Here are a few samples of the glass beads and sculptures I can make. Please contact me with your needs.

Please note that all glass is annealed in a kiln before leaving my studio!

beads I can make a variety of beads for use in your jewelry. You can purchase both feature beads or smaller beads for use elsewhere.
3 corns Many items can be sculpted of glass. These little ears of corn are only about 1/2 inch long. They have holes through the center for stringing on necklaces, earrings or bracelets.
pens Many larger beads can be used to make other art objects. These beads may be purchased as a set for your use, or I will provide the fully assembled pen.
birds Another example of my glass sculpture. I can make any breed specific or generic bird for use on necklaces, earrings or other applications.
Handles for items such as these magnifying glass or letter opener can be purchased. I can also provide the complete item.
Trinity Beads These Trinity beads make a subtle statement of your faith.
Bat & Pumpkin
The perfect pumpkins for Fall and Bats for Halloween jewelery.


Carolyn's Creations

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