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Using my hand made glass beads and sculptures, I create this one-of-a-kind jewelry. Necklaces and earrings can be purchased separately or as a set.

<= These Holly leaves on sterling silver make a great Christmas gift, or can be worn any time of year.

This Trinity necklace is a subtle sign of your Faith. =>

Trinity Necklace
Notice these Leaf necklaces with matching earrings.

<= For the gardner or cook - this Salsa necklace would make a great accent piece.

This fruit necklace will go with any sporting outfit. =>

Fruit Necklace
Angel Necklace

<= Angel Trio on Sterling Silver with Dichroic Glass

Robins in a leather cord =>


Bird Necklace
Butterfly Necklace

<= Butterfly Necklace 1, Five Butterflies on simulated pearls.

Butterfly Earrings to match, on sterling silver or 14kt gold filled. Other colors also available with posts or hooks. =>

Butterfly Earrings
Leaf Necklace
Leaf Cluster Necklace with Earrings on 14kt Gold Filled Chain or on a beaded necklace
Blue Flower Necklace
Flower in many colors and styles
Flower Pendant
More flowers to choose from
Dragonfly Pendant
Dragonfly Pendants
come in many styles

<- Flower and Butterfly Necklace


Fruit Necklace ->

Just for Fun!

<- Green Leaf Summer Necklace

Dragon Fly Necklace, Matching Earrings available ->

<- These Butterflies are colorful, Earrings are available with posts or hooks.

Bright Red Earrings will stand out! ->

<= These Green Earrings will also stand out

Pretty Little Heart Shape pendent =>


Carolyn's Creations

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