In the Studio
Bird Feeder
Carolyn & Meia
Working in my glass studio - one of my favorite places to be.
Delivering a copper sculpture - a Cat Bird Feeder.
With Meia at Northwood Gallery in Midland, Michigan. Northwood is one of several outlets for my work.



I am Carolyn, and I do art work using copper, glass, wire and other materials. On my site you will find single glass beads and sculptures, jewelry made from my beads, and copper yard and garden art.

I became interested in working with glass as a child, when I observed a glass 'blower' at Henry Ford's Greenfield Village Museum. Not knowing how to get into this art form, the thought just sat in the back of my mind until a few years ago. With a little more time available, I took a beginners class in working with hot glass, called Lampwork. This is creating glass objects over a oxygen-propane torch. 'Blowing' is not involved, but there are many ways to create objects of art.

Copper work came about when I saw some copper mobiles on a television craft show. I thought, "I can do that, and do it better". I started with tooling copper sheet, copper wire, and commercial glass beads, making various kinds of mobiles. Later this expanded into using heavier copper sheet, copper water pipe, and other copper shapes. With these larger sculptures I had to learn to solder, the use of power tools, and to engineer methods of manufacture.

From these beginnings, it was natural that I combine the two mediums. Many of my copper sculptures have glass eyes and other features. I often use fine copper wire or filings in my glass objects. This allows me to create a greater variety of objects; objects that you will not see elsewhere.

Please take some time to explore my site, and I'm sure you find items of interest. I can be contacted by e-mail, or telephone is you wish to purchase some of my work.

Carolyn's Creations

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